15 tips when selling a house


You wish to sell your property and wish to get the most out of it? A house can be on average 105 days for sale before it is sold. Keep in mind our tips to speed up sales.

Tip 1: Be aware that a picture of the house also does a lot with the feeling that you have at a house. If you take pictures of your house, for example to put it on the internet, the photo can already have a different feeling if it was taken on a sunny day, than when it was taken on a gray day.

Tip 2: Keep an open house, so make sure that people get the chance to come and take a look inside. Making a real appointment for a viewing is often too high a threshold, especially if they do not (yet) see the house as a real contender. With an open house you also get the still orienting people inside.

Tip 3: If you take photos of your house, make sure that there are no (detrimental) distracting things on the picture. Take for example; garbage bags, lying around toys, laundry on the clothesline and so on.

Tip 4: If you are present when people come to look at your house, make sure you look well groomed, so not in training pants and the same style you used to get out of bed this morning. So make sure that you look decent and reliable.

Tip 5: Have a broker arrange the viewing of your home. People can feel very uncomfortable when the owners of the house are present while they are watching the house.

Tip 6: Make sure there is a snack and a drink during the tour. If people feel good about the house, they will also want to buy the house sooner, a hospitality is something that makes people feel good.

Tip 7: See every viewer / interested person as a potential buyer, so always be enthusiastic about your house, tell how happy you have been so far with the house and what kind of beauty it could bring in the future. Is nothing coming out of the bus? Then you could already practice your sales techniques.

Tip 8: Make advertising. Tell anyone who wants to hear that your house is for sale, tell how great you think the house is, a bit of exaggeration is allowed.

Tip 9: Eliminate the overdue maintenance of your house, so finally fix that stoepje or painter now those frames. Every little bit helps and these bits will certainly make the potential buyer stand out if they are not done.

Tip 10: Make sure your house is presentable, so clean everything thoroughly, even the places that you think are not visible. Preferably use cleaning agents that also smell fresh from themselves (for example, no cleaning vinegar), give people a real feeling that they are entering a fresh and clean house.

Tip 11: Make the garden presentable. The garden is still the calling card of your home. A well-kept garden implies that the house is just as well cared for. People are frightened by a garden full of weeds and trash bags (which hopefully will not be there anymore if you've read the previous tips).

Tip 12: Let a neighbour or family member walk through your house and point out everything that stands out, you do not see many things yourself, but you can notice the buyer. The neighbour or family member could point this out so that you could do something with it. For example, a brightly colored piece of furniture that does attract a lot of attention.

Tip 13: Remove family photos that are visible during the viewing. The potential buyer must be able to see himself living in the house, with photos of other people it is much more someone else's house than that it might be your house.

Tip 14: Remove unnecessary furniture. Many furniture make your home full and therefore smaller. Removing a lot of furniture and unnecessary decoration gives your house a more open impression and also looks bigger and lighter.

Tip 15: Be aware that a colored wall in your house can also be very distracting, so opt for soft neutral colors. For example, a red wall makes the room smaller and, especially if it does not suit your taste, leads to a disadvantage.