Sell your own house


Since I have a relationship with my wife, we have already sold a house two times. In all two times we have shown the buyers of our house itself. Potential buyers do not want sales talks but want to see the house and ask for details about the house. Who can sell a house better than the owner who once fell for the house?

No sales runs

In 2005 we went to live together and bought our first house. We bought the house of a housing association at a very favorable amount of 170,000 euro. In retrospect, we were not so happy with the place of residence and went looking for a buyer in 1998. We have engaged a regional broker for this. One day there were spontaneously interested people at the front door. We actually had to refer them to the selling broker. Fortunately, we did not do that. My wife was at home and took care of the tour. She did not have the sales tricks in her blood, but after the visit the house was sold to these viewers within one week.

Coincidence does not exist

In our second house we lived longer, namely from 2007 to 2010. Our eldest daughter was born and we wanted to make the next step in our living career. A house in a child-rich neighborhood and also next to a playground. For the sale we have once again appointed a regional broker. Several viewings have been taken care of by our selling broker, but unfortunately without success. When the house was for sale for several months, we participated in an open house day. In the last fifteen minutes there was still a viewer. My wife has shown him around the house, and you guessed it …… the house was sold within a few days.

Guiding yourself, also at house 3

In 2016 it started to itch again. Meanwhile, we had two children and the youngest was 11 years old. Time for the next step. A spacious house in a quiet neighborhood. For the sale we have done differently this time. We were used to guiding ourselves, so we called in Ralfan for the sale. Of course my wife has found the buyers again. Ralfan arranged the negotiations on the sales price and the paperwork, and the house was sold.

Is my wife a sales-oriented saleswoman?

No, not right. She is just friendly and honestly tells everything about the house what the potential buyers really want to know. She can explain very well why she fell in front of the house years ago. She knows the advantages of the house, but she also tells the disadvantages. The people who are led around feel the honesty and sincerity. That feeling can not convey a broker well. That is only possible for the owners of the house. During a tour, a selling agent can not answer many questions about the house. That does not happen to homeowners. Not everyone sees it sitting around to lead interested people around, but if you want to, you have to choose to do it yourself.
The first step is to interest potential buyers for your home. You do that with a good online presentation. As soon as they visit your house the house has to do the trick, but an enthusiastic and friendly owner can take the tour, can really make the difference.
Do you want to know more about Ralfan’s services? They call you free and without obligation to explain everything about self guided tour and all the steps that follow.