What is the sales price?


A real asking price is very important and often decisive for the sale of a house. A too high asking price means that there is little or no interest and a too low asking price at the expense of the final yield.

But what is real?

The price is in fact determined by what a buyer has left over. But there are many factors that influence the price or value of a home. For example, think of:
• The sizes (content, area and size of the plot)
• Finishing level
• The residence
• Location
• Recent transactions of similar properties in the same neighborhood
• Facilities in the area
• Accessibility
• Reason for the sale
On the basis of these factors and the calculation methods mentioned below, a good broker can fairly easily make an estimate of the fair value and advise on this. It always remains an estimate because the value of a house can never be accurately determined on the euro.

Calculation methods

• The comparison method: Comparable objects are compared with the home. Here plus and minus points of the house (think of dakkapel, construction, luxury kitchen / bathroom, insulation, etc.) settled.
• The determination of the market: the term and the demand price of other sold and sold houses in the neighborhood are analyzed. This reflects the market trend, which partly determines the marketability of the house.
• The historical cost price calculation: the basic value and the building costs of the home form the starting point for this calculation.

The value of the home is not the same as the asking price

The negotiating price generally includes negotiation space. In addition, personal circumstances of the seller also play a role. Consider, for example, the level of the mortgage. As a result, it may occur that the asking price that the seller wants to use deviates from the asking price that the broker advises.
Depending on the valued value, the current condition of the property, the personal situation and the search categories on Funda, an asking price will eventually be established in consultation between the seller and the broker.

Determine the asking price at Ralfan

If you decide to sell with Ralfan, the valuer from your region will visit you for accommodation. After the home registration, the valuer makes a recording report with all the housing data. Together with your broker you can determine the asking price of your house based on the information from the valuer. With Ralfan you ultimately always decide the asking price yourself. If this asking price deviates from the asking price advice of the broker, an evaluation moment is planned after 3 months. The broker discusses with you by telephone what the enthusiasm for your home has been for the past 3 months and whether a request price change is desirable.
In a free and no-obligation sales analysis, our broker can give you insight into the price development in your neighborhood, the number of searchers for your home and you get tips for the optimal sales.